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Jinpachi Mishima is the oldest member of the Mishima’s family, the father to Heihachi Mishima to his daughter in law Kazumi Mishima. Unlike the most of the Mishima, Jinpachi is a peace loving and honorable fighter with a strong sense of wisdom. He is the founder of the Mishima industry. Later on, his life takes the turn for the worst when Heihachi takes the company from him, leaving him betrayed and left to die. Jinpachi comes back consumed by a demon and hosts the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, and this would be the final chance for anyone to defeat him before he loses control. He is confronted by his great grandson Jin Kazama who defeats him and puts him to rest at last.
Next is Heihachi Mishima. His father is Jinpachi and his beloved wife, Kazumi. Kazumi gives him a son named Kazuya, and he also adopts another boy named Lee. Later on, we find out about another illegitimate son, Alexander. He stole the company from his father, raised his son and threw him off a cliff to toughen him up. Even if he hates everybody in his family, Heihachi loves his wife.
The next person in this family tree is Kazumi Mishima. Kazumi has shown to have an antagonistic side towards her husband and her son. While she was talking to Kuma, a street fighter, she tells him to strip  Heihachi and Kazuya from their power. Akuma made a promise to repay his depth when she was killed. Kazumi was the first ever to have the devil gene, and that is why Kazuya has it and why Jin also has it. But Heihachi never got it. Now, we don’t know if Akuma is Kazuya’s real father or maybe Kazumi are related. There are so many theories to this.
Lee Chaolan is the adoptive son of Heihachi. When Lee was a kid, Lee’s parents died, leaving him to look after himself. He quickly became a skilled scraper with reflexes that were amazing for a boy of his age. It was these qualities that caught Heihachi’s attention and decided to adopt him. Heihachi never really felt any emotion towards Lee. The real purpose was to give Kazuya a rival. A few times Lee tried to take over the Mishima Zaibatsu but failed. He is a good guy that looks out of various characters in the Tekken series.
Alexander is a heroic type of character; he is always angry at various times, and his words and actions are like a soldier.  But the way Alexander speaks to a phone and he falls in love with a robot, you might find it hard to take him seriously. Alexander has the fighting spirit and the determination of his half-nephew, Jin.
Kazuya Mishima was thrown from a cliff at a young age by Heihachi for being weak. Kazuya manages to survive the fall and makes a deal with the devil. Kazuya starts to turn to the darkness as a result. He does get his revenge and then he proceeds to throw Heihachi off the same cliff and smiles with his revenge.
At the time, Kazuya still had some sense of goodness within him which he gained more after he first met June Kazama. Then came Angel who regularly battered his evil side. Heihachi managed to take advantage of his confusion and tosses him into a volcano. The devil in his body escaped and eventually made contact with Jin. Around the same time in Tekken 4, Kazuya learns about the existence of his son Jin and seeks to capture him with the intention of stealing the devil’s power.
Jun Kazama’s is the ex-lover of Kazuya and has his son Jin. She raised her son alone, and they became close. Supposedly, Jun was killed by Ogre it is insinuated that she turned into a form of darkness. Jun continues still to have a strong impact on her son’s life and seems to continue to guide him even after being missing for so long.
Jin Kazama lost his mother to Ogre, the devil takes over to ruin him because of his injuries, he was betrayed by Heihachi immediately after defeating Ogre and spends the next few games being emotional and having a war against the world. Jin is the most talented of the Mishima’s as he has defeated everyone and everything while rejecting the devil’s influence. In return, whenever he succumbs to the devil, he becomes powerful.
Another Tekken character is Asuka Kazama. Her father is Mr. Kazama, and her relatives are Jun and Jin. As an about Jun, they share a relatively similar fighting style but have opposite personalities. The most interesting part of their connection is that they are rare and mysterious. One day, Asuka’s father was roughed up and sent to the hospital. A police detective told Asuka that the person who did this to her father was most likely to enter the tournament in Tekken 5.
Bandai Namco is emotional a gradual stream of updates to the list for brand new fighter Tekken 7. the sport remains exclusive to Japanese arcades for currently, however, a version for home platforms is for certain to return in time. There square measure new faces and returning favorites alike confirmed already, therefore here’s a glance at that Tekken 7 characters fans will anticipate to enjoying within the new sequel. Claudio Serafino is that the 1st character discovered within the initial gameplay trailer. Claudio may be a necromancer from European country UN agency wields holy lightweight magic.
Katrina, Discovered aboard Claudio, not abundant has been discovered concerning Katarina, although she is that the 1st Brazilian fighter within the series to not use Capoeira like Eddy Gordo or Christie Monteiro.
Lucky Chloe drove NeoGAF users mad once her style was discovered. Series producer Katsuhiro Harada responded on Twitter by a troll the folks freaking out, speech communication he’ll take away Chloe from yank versions of the sport and exchange her with a muscular yobo instead. He later processed this was a joke once some fans were disquieted she wouldn’t be accessible in their regions.
The series’ 1st fighter from the Asian country, Shaheen was 1st shown on Twitter back in 2014. Harada specifically needed to feature a Middle Eastern fighter, however, created certain to use caution and thoughtful by taking feedback from the Arab community to avoid offense. However, there’s still been very little discovered concerning the fighter.
Josie may be a Philipino kick boxer character designed by Mari Shimazaki. She created an explicit woman known as Bayonetta. Josie is a full of life girl, although is additionally a touch of a cry baby, generally detonating into tears once realizing she’s won a battle.
Gigas. A mysterious bionic woman speculated by fans to be Tekken 4’s wrestling large Craig Bel-Merodach, as Gigas uses similar moves and attack animations.
Marshall Law is that the Bruce Lee tribute from the terribly 1st Tekken game. The law may be a martial creative person, building owner, and shut rival of Paul Phoenix. He unremarkably enters The King of control Tournament in every game so as to win the prize money; either to satisfy a life dream or to buy his son Forest’s medical bills.

UPDATE: We got the News from sources, Tekken 7 Release Date is Decided and it is 30th January 2017, Here the Wait for the most famous arcade fighting game is going to end.

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