Tekken 7 Characters: Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu always appears in Tekken with a different outfit and uses his style of ninjitsu, where he can twirl around his hands in a circle so fast that it’s enough to lift himself off the ground and fly.

Tekken begins in the year 1999 because there is a stage called Marine Stadium, a real life place which opened its doors in 1990. Rumors of a great tournament spread around the world where the 20th century Yoshimitsu lives in Japan, where an important character is kicked out fro sumo wrestling for fixing fights and pocketing large amounts of cash. It’s a henchman of the evil conglomerate the Mishima Zaibatsu that is running the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Manjis’ plan is to enter the tournament and steal the funds and use Yoshimitsu as a decoy.

He stays in the tournament long enough for Manji clan to steal all the money. They used the money to give it back to the poor neighborhood that was affected. In the second Tekken, Yoshimitsu finds out that Mishima has two machines that run on an infinite energy engine. He will be infiltrating the laboratories where a doctor is currently employed. Yoshimitsu and his team get discovered and have to retreat. During his retreat, he gets captured by a military laser and has his hand cut off. He now has a cybernetic arm.

In the second tournament, Yoshimitsu enters to rescue Doctor Bosconovitch. He manages to rescue him from a helicopter and flies away.

In Tekken 3 his appearance is more of an alien. During this time Doctor, Bosconovitch is trying to achieve eternal life but ends up giving himself a disease that can only be cured with the blood of the recently discovered Aztec god of fighting, Ogre. Yoshimitsu enters the tournament to get Ogres’ blood but doesn’t win the tournament.

In Tekken 4 he enters the tournament because the clan is low on funds, so he wishes to steal money, but here he sees Bryan Fury, a cyborg sent to kill him, dying on the ground, so brings him to doctor B to fix him up.

Later on, Bryan wakes up and kills all the Manji clan, which determines Yoshimitsu yo enter the 5th tournament to go after him with the intent of killing him. He discovers that his sword has powers and is hungry for blood. His sword is absorbing evil power, so he takes it to the tournament, a tournament known for its evil.

In the new Tekken 7, Yoshimitsu has a new appearance, much different than the sixth. He now looks cybernetic and not wearing armor as he did before. Yoshimitsu is a thief and his armor along the game is made from pieces stolen from others. He’s a type of a Robin Hood because he steals from the rich and evil people to give back to his clan.

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