Tekken 7 Characters and Their Stories – Alisa Bosconovitch

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Alisa Bosconovitch is a returning character from the last Tekken: Bloodline Rebellion and she represent a gynoid that was previously created by Doctor Boskonovitch, and that is now presented with new and improved tools and weapons.

The novelty that comes with her new moves and weapons are represented by the ability to sprout wing-like jets from her back that allows her to fly fast in the middle of the fights. Another characteristic is the sprouting chainsaws coming from her arms called “ Destroy Form” as well as the ability to remove her head to provoke an action called “Head Explosion”. Her actions can be quite spectacular during fights as her appearance of a feminine woman don’t make her resemble a deadly weapon.

Alisa Bosconovitch Appearance in Tekken 7
With pink hair and flowers framing her face, she looks delicate and fragile, but you will soon see that she is not. The flowers continue on her dress, and you will soon discover that she has a second look with a red jumper dress embellished with a gold and white stripe and a white blouse with jewelry on her hands.

But her appearance also implies that she is one of the few robots that possess emotions, being described as a kind-hearted girl. During the game, you will hear her speaking in a kindly manner with great sensitivity, but balanced with high intelligence using multiple technical terms. An interesting quality that she received during the creation of this game is that Alisa refuses to consider herself a robot and insists that she is human as her human nature is being more highlighted by her curiosity and the deep emotions that she is capable of.

During fights, you will discover that some moves that you were accustomed to in the previous game are now gone, but they have been replaced with a new “keep away” move that can be quite effective now.

She is an important character that shouldn’t be underestimated as she has many hidden attributes that will turn to be of great help during the battles. Alisa is controlled by the CPU but you can choose to play as Alisa during which the CPU will turn to Lars. During the Scenario Campaign, Alisa will help Lars in battles, fighting a large wave of enemies.

She is not the only feminine character in Tekken 7, but she has an Interesting Story line with her creation in the research laboratory by the Institute director named Bosconovitch from whom she takes her name. Even if she is described as a Russian, Alisa speaks Japanese in the game. In the previous game, Alisa leaves Lars for Jin, helping him in his mission but you will have to play the new Tekken game to find out where the story line goes from there.

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