Tekken 7 Characters: Paul Phoenix

Paul Phoenix is a hot blooded American hand to hand fighter that is famous for his extreme training and great knowledge of martial arts. He is also known as one of the few people to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament where he would fight the man named Kazuya Mishima. As an unknown precedent, the fight will end in a draw.

Paul will start to travel the whole world trying to find the best fighters. Paul will fight once more Kazuya and the battle would take hours but he would lose. Because of the disappointment, Paul will go to New York in order to find street fights. As the second tournament rolls around, Paul enters in order to defeat Kazuya. But during the tournament, he couldn’t fight Kazuya because he was delayed by a car accident.

Later, after many years of training, he received the invitation to a new tournament. He was 46 but still believed that he could win this. Paul finally won the third tournament, being undefeated. But after defeating Oger, he had transformed without the knowledge of Paul. So the tournament had continued without him. He developed a loud and annoying attitude so many people started to resent him and they believed that Paul was lying about winning the tournament.

Paul found out that a 4rd tournament is about to take place. He said that this time he will win. Paul lost again, being beaten by the Kuma bear due to his over confidence. In the 5th tournament he would face Kuma once more and will beat him but he won’t be able to go further. He kept insisting that he should enter a 6th tournament, but this time he would team up with Marshall law giving him a better chance of winning but the outcome is left unknown.

He is quite a silly character and the ending of Tekken 6 is probably a result of his silly ambition. Paul will be known as an American Judo expert that has the ambition to be the best fighter in the world. He travels the world in order to find the strongest opponent and finds The King of Iron Fist Tournament, the perfect opportunity to find the best rivals for his strength.

It’s worthy of appreciation the fact that he continued to fight for so long and was one of the oldest contestants in the tournament and even if he wasn’t successful, he managed to go quite far every single time he entered the contest.

We do not know what Tekken 7 will bring for him next, but who can tell as he represented a surprise everytime he appeared. He always has a new purpose, a new opponent that he wishes to defeat, a new tournament that he wants to win to be the best of the world. We shall see.

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