Tekken 7 Characters: Ling Xiaoyu

Ling Xiaoyu is a character that first appeared in Tekken 3 and since then she was seen in every single game after that. Ling is a young girl born and raised in China and is currently a high school student at Mishima High School and is a schoolmate of Jin Kazama, where she falls in love with him.
Ling has a purpose to build her amusement park and wants to use Heihachi Mishima, the CEO of Mishima organization, as a way to finance her plan. She manages to find Heihachi while on a vacation to Hong Kong, where she discovers a boat named after him. Because he wasn’t on the boat and Ling get caught, Ling is forced to fight the security.  After Heihachi finds her surrounded by unconscious people, he promises Ling that if she can win the 3rd tournament, then he will finance her dream, the amusement park.

At the end of the 3rd Tekken, a bright amusement park is shown with the name “Xiaoyu Land” so we know that her dream came true even if she didn’t win the tournament. But when we discover that this remains just a dream as Heihachi named the park “Heihachi land” just to trick her.

In Tekken 4, Ling learns that her life in threatened by Heihachi and this turns out to be enough of a motive to make her enter the new tournament to try to find out the truth about Heihachi and his powerful company. Ling finally wins the tournament and takes over the Mishima Zaibatsu company, but she still dreams of building her amusement park.

The story goes on as she is now on a mission with Jin Kazama to save the Mishima family. She soon discovers that all the problems began when Heihachi decided to raise his son in a cruel manner. Ling will find out that Heihachi was killed and is saddened to hear such news. The fate has it that she will meet a great scientist that will promise her time traveling machine if she gets the funding. The only way to raise enough money will be to enter a new tournament. Ling wins the tournament once again but is not able to change the past and save everyone, as she fails her attempts.

Heihachi did not die and in Tekken 6, Ling finds out that her love interest, Jin, plans to kill Heihachi himself. She is now on a mission to stop him, but it’s nearly impossible to reach Jin. She enters the 6th tournament in the hopes that she will meet Jin and stop him once and forever. The story stops there as she can only dream of meeting Jin again and telling him what she feels.
Tekken 7 will unveil the way this romance will carry on and if she can turn him back from his mission. She is one of the shortest female characters in Tekken but also one of the strongest and most agile, as she can win the tournaments with great ease.

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