Tekken 7 Characters: Lars

Lars Alexandersson is a Swedish character known as the illegitimate son of Heihachi Mishima, the half brother of Kazuya Mishima. Unlike his family, Lars does not have the devil gene.

Lars is one of the youngest characters in the game at about 21 years old. He is trained in karate and not the traditional fighting skills that his half family is known for. He will, later on, master the traditional style and in a very short time.

Lars will join Jins second force with the hopes of taking down the enemies from the inside. Lars was able to start his rebellion and is now the leader that will create an operation dismantled Mishima Zaibatsu Energy Corporation to stop the war that has just begun.

During a raid on one of the Mishima Zaibatsu facilities, Lars will meet a woman called Alisa. But before he could release the cyborg, they will be attached by the corporation and an enormous explosion will occur that will result in many deaths but leaving Lars with amnesia. Lars will be able to escape the facility of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and he along with Alisa will start a mission to regain his memory.

Jin will discover that he has a half uncle and will order a manhunt to find him. During that journey, Lars was able to get back most of his memories but not completely. He was assisted by one of his lieutenants that helped him locate his father.

Lars will come in contact with Lee. Lee will help Lars because he rescued one of his close friends, Julia Chang. Kazuya will also hear about his half brother, Lars.

As another complication of the story, Lars meets Jin, but he reboots Alisa’s memory and sets her against Lars, and tells him that Alisa was built just to monitor Lars actions. He is forced to defeat Alisa even if she is his friend.

Lars will form an alliance with Jin to kill Azazel. At the end of the 6th Tekken game, Lars receives a new mission. But we are not informed about the new mission. It just suggests that his purpose of saving the world is not over yet.

Most of Lars movements are named after military terminology that is used in the domain of electronics and electromagnetism. Even if he is a Swedish character, Lars speaks Japanese in all the story movie scenes from the game. It is interesting to see how his story is growing as he is not directly involved with his half family’s problems. But this doesn’t make him a less important character. He has a good heart and is not willing to let the evil succeed in its mission to take over the world and cover it with darkness. So follow his story in the new Tekken 7 and see where it leads him next.

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