Tekken 7 Characters: King

King used to be a simple street brawling orphan long before taking on the jaguar mask. He is originated in Mexico and was severely injured in front of a monastery and seems likely that a priest rescued him. By being saved by a priest, King will discover that his ways are wrong and that he should start a new life as a Catholic priest.

King will have a wish of opening an orphanage for street children as a solution to keeping them from fighting on the streets just like he did. He will begin training as a professional wrestler and to distinguish himself from other wrestlers, he would wear a jaguar mask.

To have the money to build the orphanage, King will enter the first King of the Iron Fist Tournament, and he will reach the third place in this tournament. Even if he didn’t win the first place, he managed to raise enough money to build the orphanage.

When one of the orphans dies, this will affect him so much that he would give up the mask and the fighting and will find himself in a great depression and drink a large amount of alcohol. His rival, Alma King, will convince him to return to the orphanage to take care of all the children and to go back to the new tournament.

He will train so much just to raise more money for the orphanage. Even if he didn’t win, he was considered a hero back at the orphanage, and he will teach the children self-defense.

Later on, Ogre, the god of fighting will travel the world to find the greatest warriors and kill them. King was one of the fighters that fell under the Ogre. One of the orphans will take the mask and fight in the name of King. He kept losing until Alma King offered to teach him more. The new King was now greater and stronger than the first. Alma King was killed, and this will make the new King want to revenge him.

King would fight Mourdock in a new tournament but will become friends with him after this fight. King is one of the nicest characters in this game. From the first one that built an orphanage to help young children to his successor that remained true to his character and didn’t find himself interested in fighting for any reasons. He is an interesting character due to the strong body with the head of a jaguar.

You will see that King is not trained in martial arts, but in a wrestling type of fighting. King does not speak, he just growls like a jaguar. But he has his growls translated, and you will see him interacting with multiple other characters that seem to understand what he says with no difficulties whatsoever. A strange aspect about King but this doesn’t take away from the fact that he is one kind man.

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