Tekken 7 Characters: Hwoarang

Hwoarang appears in Tekken 3, and his story starts at a very young age when he started fighting on the streets with his friends to win more money.  Hwoarang managed to remain unnoticed as he managed to hide his powers.
At one point, members of the Mishima group came to his town along with the character of Jin Kazama, and soon after, Hwoarang manages to convince Jin to fight him. This fight ends up in a draw which makes him quite embarrassed for this situation and starts to practice to make sure that this will never happen again.
During Tekken 4, Hwoarang was drafted into the South Korean military where he proves himself worthy of being in the military and was highly regarded as the best fighter in the South Korean Army.
Hwoarang is known for disobeying orders and this transcribed in many problems as he was missing the days when he was fighting on the streets.
When the Iron Fist Tournament was announced, he left the military to fight Jin and to get his revenge.  But his plan was bound to fail as he was taken into custody by the South Korean military causing him to lose his place in the tournament.
He will, later on, enter the tournament once again to fight Jin and to make his master proud of his achievements. During their battle, Hwoarang didn’t know that Jin, at that time, was struggling to control his devil gene. He managed to defeat Jin at one point but wasn’t expecting what was about to happen next. The devil gene took over his body and beaten him into an unconsciousness coma. When he woke up, he was in the hospital, and he was stuck for quite a while until he was able to train again for the next tournament. During Tekken 6 we don’t know much about Hwoarang or his path into managing to defeat Jin, but in the next Tekken, it is bound to unveil more of the story that follows Hwoarang.
Hwoarang is known as one of the most difficult characters to use in the Tekken series as he suffers many stance changes. To be successful with this character, you are required to know everything about his moves and attacks. But if you manage to learn his ways, you will discover that he can fight without any pauses.
One more important aspect regarding Hwoarang is the technique of Crazy Steps that will be a great advantage in battle. The opponent will be confused and will no longer know what move will come next. He is an interesting character, and it will be even more interesting to see where the new Tekken 7 will take him on his journey to find and defeat the Devil Jin as he is so keen on doing so.

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