Tekken 7 Character: Shaheen

Shaheen is one of the new characters that will be making an appearance in the new Tekken 7 as another playable character.

His appearance is of a typical Arabian male with brown eyes and dark brown short hair accompanied by a mustache and of course by facial hair. Because he is from the Saudi Arabia, you will often see him wearing a long red shemagh tied with a black agal. This is a very traditional piece of clothing for the Saudi Arabian people. He will also be wearing a scimitar around his waist with a white and blue military uniform.

There is no information about his personality as he will be shown more soon, in the new game, but from his victory poses, you can clearly see that he is not a fan of violence, and he only fights if he has to or he is forced to do so.

As he is wearing a military uniform, Shaheen is fighting in a Military Fighting Style, but he uses acrobatics quite often in his kicks. His name originates from the Persian name Shahin that means a royal white falcon.

The concept art of Shaheen was first introduced in 2014 when the creator asked the fans if it would be ok to release him after the incident regarding Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The fans liked him, and he received positive attention. Fans have also suggested that there are great similarities between him and an Assassins Creed character. After this, Shaheen’s character suffered some alteration to make him different from the other famous character.

It is important that the creators tend to listen so much to the audience and all the fans to create the best game without offending any nationality with its new characters. This new Arabian character was a risky decision, but it would turn out to be a good one.

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