Steve Fox

Steve Fox is known as a British Boxer that managed to achieve the title of Middleweight Champion of the World.  His story centers around the fact that he knew nothing about his past and that consumed him so much that even all the winning wouldn’t be enough for him.

Steve Fox was adopted, so he knew nothing about the biological parents. Another unknown thing d=for him was his scar on his arm. He had no memory of the origin of the scar.

Steve received an order from the Mafia to organize a fight on which they were going to put high bets on, but Steve didn’t agree with that and ended up upsetting the Mafia. The Mafia then put a price on his head wanting him dead. To escape the Mafia, Steve decided to enter the tournament.

In Tekken 4, Steve manages to enter the Mishima Zaibatsu Data Room where e tries to find information on his past, but the only thing that he can find is that he was conceived by in vitro fertilization by the assassin named Nina Williams.

While being in the King of Iron Fist Tournament, Steve is trying to expose himself to the world and maybe this way he will learn more about his past. With the help of Lei Wulong, Steve discovers the evil plans of Mishima Zaibatsu and that Zaibatsu is responsible for his creation. By entering the competition, Steve hopes that he would win the tournament and destroy Mishima. At the end of Tekken 5, we only see Steve destroying a laboratory where experiments are made.

Steve managed to destroy the Institute of Mishima Zaibatsu and turned back to boxing, but the world has lost its interest in boxing. Steve receives an invitation to training with Marshall Law and Paul Phoenix. They will train in the art of martial arts and soon enough enter the new King of Iron Fist Tournament.

The 3 of them, Steve Fox, Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law would win the tournament as well as a large sum of money. As they celebrate the win, they wanted to split the money, but Steve didn’t accept any as he thought that the experience itself was enough for him and leaves. Little did he know that the place was a trap and that soon after leaving, the hut would explode and kill his two friends.

There is no more information about the history of Steve or if he managed to find anything else about it but perhaps in the new Tekken 7 his story will evolve even more as he is a good person and a kind heart. He would miss his friends and most likely would try to revenge their deaths by entering a future tournament. His fighting style is mostly a boxing type but after training with his friends, he learned even more about the martial arts.

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