Steve Fox

Steve Fox is known as a British Boxer that managed to achieve the title of Middleweight Champion of the World.  His story centers around the fact that he knew nothing about his past and that consumed him so much that even all the winning wouldn’t be enough for him. Steve Fox was adopted, so he … [Read more…]

Tekken 7 Character: Shaheen

Shaheen is one of the new characters that will be making an appearance in the new Tekken 7 as another playable character. His appearance is of a typical Arabian male with brown eyes and dark brown short hair accompanied by a mustache and of course by facial hair. Because he is from the Saudi Arabia, … [Read more…]

Tekken 7 Characters: Hwoarang

Hwoarang appears in Tekken 3, and his story starts at a very young age when he started fighting on the streets with his friends to win more money.  Hwoarang managed to remain unnoticed as he managed to hide his powers. At one point, members of the Mishima group came to his town along with the … [Read more…]

Tekken 7 Characters: Claudio Serafino

Claudio Serafino in a new addition to Tekken, not like the other characters that developed a story along the different parts of the game, so we don’t know much about who he is, this will be discovered along with the storyline of the new Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. Claudio appears to be a young man with black hair, … [Read more…]

Tekken 7 Characters: Bryan Fury

Image Source ( Bryan Fury makes his first appearance in Tekken 3, and before all the events described in the game, later on, Bryan was known as a soldier that was turned into a police officer as a member of the international police organization. This new job brought him his death as he was killed … [Read more…]