Tekken 7 Characters: Bryan Fury

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Bryan Fury makes his first appearance in Tekken 3, and before all the events described in the game, later on, Bryan was known as a soldier that was turned into a police officer as a member of the international police organization. This new job brought him his death as he was killed in a shootout.
His story doesn’t end there. As Bryan was killed, his body was taken to a laboratory owned by Doctor Abel. This Doctor Abel is known as an underground scientist, a quite famous one, and considering the fact that this doctor was very old, he wanted to have one last project before he died.  His last wish was to create a cyborg army.

The biggest enemy of doctor Abel was Doctor Boskonovitch, and he believed that his rival had all the needed pieces that were required to build this army. To have access to that, he reanimated Bryan Fury’s body and sent him to collect the data. Bryan took part in the King of Iron Fist Tournament and had a prime target in Yoshimitsu, as this character was very close to Doctor Boskonovitch.

Even if he was brainwashed, at one moment, Bryan realizes that his life was coming to an end and knows that the only person that could save him from this imminent death is Doctor Abel. As he was captured, he was aware that the only way to contact the doctor was to enter the new tournament.
His name came from the fact that he developed a high energy that made him very angry. Bryan also finds out that a way to live on might be to become mechanized. After waking up from his transformation, he finds out that he’s now a cyborg. He received a power generator into him as an emergency measure.

He is a very Untempered man, and his fury has driven him to destroy everything in his way. His character is quite different from the other ones in Tekken because he is described mostly as a madman as well as a walking deadly weapon.  He is also known for his looks and his laugh that accentuates the fact that he is a psychopath.

Bryan Fury is a very strong opponent to everybody that tries to defeat him or comes into his path. He has one of the most interesting stories in Tekken, and this could only mean that during the new Tekken 7, his story would only improve as he learns more on how to control his strength and fury (or at least try to). If you are familiar with the movie “Universal Soldier” that features Jean Claude Van Damme, you will see many similarities, from his story, the way he moves, looks and so on.

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