Tekken 7 Characters: Yoshimitsu

Yoshimitsu always appears in Tekken with a different outfit and uses his style of ninjitsu, where he can twirl around his hands in a circle so fast that it’s enough to lift himself off the ground and fly. Tekken begins in the year 1999 because there is a stage called Marine Stadium, a real life … [Read more…]

Tekken 7 Characters: Lars

Lars Alexandersson is a Swedish character known as the illegitimate son of Heihachi Mishima, the half brother of Kazuya Mishima. Unlike his family, Lars does not have the devil gene. Lars is one of the youngest characters in the game at about 21 years old. He is trained in karate and not the traditional fighting … [Read more…]

Tekken 7 Characters: King

King used to be a simple street brawling orphan long before taking on the jaguar mask. He is originated in Mexico and was severely injured in front of a monastery and seems likely that a priest rescued him. By being saved by a priest, King will discover that his ways are wrong and that he … [Read more…]